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The two most relaxing and noxious places in your home being the furniture and our mattresses are almost always ignored until they are agonizing to look at or a smell gets someone’s concentration. The kids and pets in the home are seen stacked to these places every day. They regularly don’t get dirty in a day except for the irregular spill that’s wiped up. The furniture’s upholstery and mattresses are leisurely gets grubby day after day. Every member of the family and our pets run off something behind, from dead skin to pet dander. Over time this gives rise to allergic reactions.

When you come to our cleaning hub at Rocky’s Carpet Cleaning for your Carpet cleaning services, our professional cleaning and treatments can help relieve your mind and assist in the abolition of the allergens and dust mites. This is a work for professionals because our tackle way outs are stronger and our chemicals and treatments are exclusive. One may not know how to use the chemicals accurately or remove the cleaning solutions correctly. When person takes the task of cleaning by self, he indulges in a lot of duties ranging from purchasing a do it yourself machine, the time it takes to do the work, replacement parts, maintenance, cleaning the machine, revealing family to strenuous bio waste after maintenance, cross contamination from emptying the tank. When our company comes to clean your home, our equipment decreases these bullying noticeably.

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Our upholstery cleaning service is what we take immense pride in. We are known to be the fastest and cheapest and most importantly we are systematic. Our services will save you a lot of money when you comprehend you doesn’t need new furniture and you can still get years of life with material protector. When it comes to protecting the upholstery, our individual pet stain and odour removal treatment can eliminate the stains and odours that have developed into your carpet or furniture. There are dozens of pricey products on the market that undertake to remove these stains. In actuality, many of these don’t work and you end up spending time and cash. Our professionals can come to your home and methodically clean and take out stains and odours from sofas and other pricey rugs. It is imperative to have carpets professionally cleaned so your family can live in a hale and hearty environment and you don’t have to march into a home that smells like urine. Eliminating stains and odours professionally will also help out diminish the amount of accidents your pets have indoors since they will no longer smell their earlier urine.

Our area rug cleaning services will work miracles with your rugs. If you live in an apartment, you can bank yourself hundreds of dollars by having our professionals clean your area rugs before you move out. Our proficient services will make certain that your rugs stay sparkling and your home smells clean. So, whenever you are using Area Rug cleaning near me services, we are nearby to lend a helping hand.


While it’s a prodigious idea to purchase any furniture and consequently any cleaning machine from the market and clean those furniture physically however, it involves a lot of complications too. These complications can even cause damage to the fiber material such as blemishes in the fabric or tears in the foam. To look furniture look upright, need to take care and maintain it neatly. Upholstery Cleaning is imperative part because it plays vital role to surge the beauty of your home.


Our company recommends frequent cleaning of carpet for best results. Here, we put to service different kinds of techniques for carpets with diverse kinds of fabric materials. For regular fabricated carpets, shampooing is employed for dust removal & dry vacuums are used. Other methods of cleaning include toned spraying, foam scrubbing, conditioning and subsequently drying.


Over time, the surfaces and edges of area rug start appearing cloudy. Well, it’s due to slow and co-opted deposition of dust and dirt that seeps into the central of the fabric eating away its sturdiness bit by bit. A good area rug cleaning can accurately extend the life of your rugs. Our company, offers various methods of scrubbing, cleaning and vacuuming to eradicate the layers of dust to reinstate the original appearance of your rugs.

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Our cleaning services include carpet cleaning, rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning. Our restoration services include repairing water damage, fire damage and mold removal. Please do not hesitate to give us a call today so we can clean up your space!

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Rocky’s Carpet Cleaning did a fantastic job cleaning my living-dining room rug and stair carpets. I didn’t think it would be possible to remove some of the long standing, awful looking stains around my dining room table; but, Rocky got the carpet. Highly recommended Rocky’s Carpet Cleaning.

Rocky’s Carpet Cleaning was referred to me and now I know why. I can’t thank him enough for his great service and excellent work. My carpet has been neglected for some time now. Kids, pets and guests have destroyed it.The guy worked his magic and my carpet has been saved. Really great work!!!

The carpets in my home have not been cleaned in only God knows how long, so I decided to have them done. We hired Rocky’s Carpet Cleaning and wow, what a difference. I forgot the carpets were actually white. Thank you!

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